Where have you been? 

Hi there! 

This is just a quick post to reconnect and answer those who have been asking where I’ve gone (I know, a year between blog posts is a bit much, sorry). 

The quick answer is that I’ve been living life. Late last year, I became senior pastor of the church we’ve been part of for the last 11 years. Whilst this has been one of the best adventures of my life so far, it’s also been an incredibly steep learning curve, so I’ve been giving myself the time and space I needed to find my feet. 

I’ve done a lot of thinking recently about my little blog and I’m realizing that the things I’m passionate to write about are changing, so this means that my blog is going to change too. In the coming weeks and months, I’m going to be focusing on women in leadership, spirituality, social justice, and life issues. 

I understand that some of you won’t want to go there (& that’s okay), I just want to say thank you for reading my previous work. It’s such a big thing to put yourself “out there” creatively, and I count it an enormous privilege that you invested some of your day in reading my words! Thank you. 

For those who are sticking around, I can’t wait to hear from you! In a week or so, I’m going to start a series of letters to women, from women who are leading in their spheres. 




2 thoughts on “Where have you been? 

  1. sparkledawn

    Isn’t it great when you find something that completely feeds your passion for life and you are ignited to change. I’m looking forward to your new posts. Good luck with your change of direction x


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