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Dear Andrew and Myuran, 

My thoughts have been with you all day today, in fact for a while now I’ve found my mind drifting to you and wondering how you’re coping. I’ve been praying for mercy for you both, I’ve been railing against the system that can call what is happening to you justice. I hope that those you love are holding your hands right now and even now, at what seems like the 11th hour, I am raising my voice with thousands of others and begging Mr Joko Widodo to show his greatness through mercy. 
Most of us have never met either one of you but we want to thank you because we have still been taught by you. We have learnt that we are only defined by our worst decision if we allow ourselves to be. We have learnt that people can and do change. We have learnt that sometimes our greatest achievements can come after the thing that seems to be our greatest failure. We have learnt that we all have choices and it’s our responsibility to make our choices count for something. Thank you for teaching us those things. 
Andrew and Myuran, your life counts and we will continue to cry out for mercy.